My First Office Mix – Experiences at E2

Here is a link to my Office Mix presentation regarding experiences at Microsoft E2 (part 2).

As a side note… I decided to give Office Mix an official first try! An add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint, Mix is a simple download from the beta site. After a quick installation, the Mix toolbar is directly added into PowerPoint’s menu bar.

Office Mix Toolbar

Functionality includes embedding video and audio clips for each slide in the deck.

Office Mix - Adding video/sound clips

An interactive quiz feature is also included and requires a third party app download from the Office App store.

Office App Store

Embedding a short quiz directly into the slide is straight forward along with indicating the number of responses you wish to set.  Selecting the default correct response is a click of a button.

Mix Survey

A neat feature is that the survey app provides analytics that will track user responses to the survey question.

Survey Data

I find this feature particularly interesting as it allows for interactivity directly within a PowerPoint presentation. I can’t wait to further test this feature in the future!


About Andre Quaglia

Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE), Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE), Microsoft Innovative Educator Fellow (MIEF), Department Head, Greater Essex County District School Board, MET Alumni, Lawrence Technology University, Husband.
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