My First Microsoft Office Sway

I recently had an opportunity to experiment with Office Sway, a cloud based application that allows users to create, share, and embed presentations.

screen shot sway

My first impression of Sway is an easy to use tool that is cross platform compatible across multiple devices. Setting up my first Sway was an easy process. Users can add and manage existing work with a few simple clicks.


Once you get started, the interface is much more simplistic compared with the traditional PowerPoint experience.

sway main screen

This includes working with “slides” that can be modified by selecting a variety of layouts and headings.

layout sway

The formatting of text is straighforward by emphasizing content and structuring text using bullets and numbered points. You can easily change the “mood” of your Sway by selecting a number of options related to structure, style, and colour.

adding sway

mood sway

Various forms of multimedia can be added including picture and video files. Embedding content from social media feeds via Twitter, Facebook, Youtube are possible, to name a few.

adding multimedia sway

A couple of fun features exist including “remix” that provides an easy way of modifying the overall look and feel of the presentation.

remix sway

Overall, I had a positive experience creating my first Sway. In my mobile classroom, Sway is certainly an interesting new tool that should be investigated further.


About Andre Quaglia

Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE), Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE), Microsoft Innovative Educator Fellow (MIEF), Department Head, Greater Essex County District School Board, MET Alumni, Lawrence Technology University, Husband.
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